Information Regarding scan document submission during Lock down Period

Scan Documents claim procedure

During the Lock down period Company has accepted the scan documents subject to following conditions:

All documents must be self attested by the insured including cancelled cheque copy.

Submit Photo ID proof duly self attested of the patient/insured

Undertaking letter to be given by the Insured that “all the scan documents are signed by me and documents are not submitted to any other company for claim purpose . All Originals documents are submitted immediately after lock down period is lifted. If the claim was made by an act of malafide then claim amount paid is recoverable.”

IRDA Registration Number : 027
Valid Upto : 26/10/2023

Parameters of the health services

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Anmol Medicare Insurance Ltd. is a group of Anmol Finsec Ltd. which was incorporated on December 15, 1997 with a vision to become a leading broking firm & to develop a wide network for resource mobilization.

To Set up full fledged financial hub to cater to all types of financial services to clients.

Anmol Medicare Insurance Ltd was formed with a Idea of providing the best of Third Party Administration Services in the field of Health Insurance in India. To make this a very successful venture, we have brought together like minded professional people to implement our idea. In our team personnel, we have majority of the top people from Insurance field, who have seen TPA implementation, who have seen the initial difficulties faced by the Insurance Companies as well as TPAs. These people understand how servicing is to be done by a TPA.

Apart from these we have also taken young blood into our fold who are qualified and energatic to implement the TPA services successfully. We would be very cautious in expansion, so that the client servicing doens not take a back seat. We have adequate financial resources to sustain ourselves without looking for short term gain from this venture.
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