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  • Maintain the recommended weight.
  • Adhere to the timing and spacing of meals.
  • 8-12 glasses of water should be consumed per day.
  • Include more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the regular diet.
  • Avoid foods rich in sugar, oil or ghee.
  • Eat slowly and chew well.
  • Have small frequent meals. Avoid heavy meals.
  • Eat fruits instead of sweet dishes/ mithai.
  • Bake, boil or barbecue instead of frying the food items.
  • Restrict oil/ ghee consumption to 2-3 tsf/ day.
  • Use skimmed milk to take tea, coffee, curds or paneer.
  • Avoid using coconut, Peanuts or dry fruits while preparing food.
  • Use an artificial sweetener instead of sugar, jaggery.
  • Avoid feasting and fasting.
  • Never indulge in heavy exercise on an empty stomach.
  • Always carry a sweet in case of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
  • FOODS IN MODERATION: Sweets made from artificial sweeteners, oil. Ghee,butter, biscuits, rice, bread, chapattis, bhakhari, thick soups, gravies, roots and tubers (potatoes,yam).
  • FOODS BETTER AVOIDED: All sweets and sweet-dishes- barfi, peda, jalebi, cakes, puddings, ice cream, chocolates, jam sherbets, khari biscuits and fruits such as bananas, mangoes, grapes, custard apple and chikoo.
  • Do not add extra salt at table.
  • Check the food labels thoroughly for its sodium contents.
  • Food Best Avoided: avoid preserved and canned food, foods coated with salt and curry powder, dried fish, processed meat, Chinese food (mono sodium glutamate), papad, pickles, chutneys, salad dressing and sauces, salted nuts, cooking and baking soda, bakery products, soft drinks.
  • Taste enhancers such as tamarind, kokum, lime may be used to improve palatability.
  • Use a minimal amount of oil for cooking.
  • Avoid using coconut (fresh or dry), margarine and peanuts for food preparation.
  • Restrict the intake of sweets and sweet dishes, fried foods, aerated drinks and alcohol.
  • Restrict refined food products.
  • Include liberal amounts of salads, leafy vegetables, fruits, brown bread, brown rice, bajra, jowar, whole dals and sprouted pulses.
  • Organ meats (liver, kidney, brain, etc.), red meats, chicken with skin, shell fish, cold cuts, egg yolk, mayonnaise, cheese, butter, ghee, whole milk, cream, mawa.
  • Cereals like rice flakes (poha) , bajra, whole pulses and Soya beans.
  • Leafy vegetables (spinach, cluster beans, amaranth).
  • Fruits such as dates, raisins, apricots, jaggery.
  • Organ meats (liver, kidney, brain, etc.) egg yolk.