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    Intimation of the claim should be given immediately whether it is cashless OR reimbursement claim.
    After discharge from the hospital and if the treatment is completed then claim file with all Documents in Original to be submitted immediately.
    If the treatment is continued for more than 60 days, then claim file with all documents in Original to be submitted immediately after completion of 60 days.
    Please do not forget to sign each bill / receipt / paper for proper authentication.
    Please keep a photocopy of all relevant documents for your record.
    Claim Form can be obtained from our AML Office / Website OR The Insurance Company.
  • In case of any doubt in the policy terms with respect to the present ailment.
  • The Ailment/Condition etc. not being covered under the policy.
  • The Insured amount not being sufficient to cover the hospitalization expenses.
  • If the request for preauthorization is not received by AML in time.
  • If the information sent to AML is insufficient to confirm coverage.
  • In case of a very short stay at the hospital, authorization for Cashless Services may be denied due to insufficiency of time to process the same.
  • In Case where certain important clearances cannot be obtained from the insurance company due to weekends and holidays.

    Denial of cashless facility does not mean denial of treatment & does not stop the insured from getting necessary medical attention or hospitalization, it means that the insured will have to pay all charges  at the hospital. Insured may send all related documents in original & lodge claim with us for reimbursement. The claim will be processed as per terms & conditions of the policy.